8.5 km wide crater found in the sea level, the event that happened 66 million years ago was detected

You are currently viewing 8.5 km wide crater found in the sea level, the event that happened 66 million years ago was detected

Whenever an asteroid passes near the Earth, scientists monitor it. It is also needed, because asteroids have collided with our planet in the history of hundreds of millions of years of Earth. The extinction of dinosaurs from the earth was also due to the asteroid colliding with the earth. Scientists have found evidence from another asteroid hitting the Earth.

Although this evidence has not been found on land but in the sea. It is estimated that millions of years ago an asteroid crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. Due to this, an 8.5 km wide crater was formed in the sea level. This crater has been found about 400 km off the coast of Guinea in West Africa and about 400 meters below sea level.

The scientists’ findings have been published in the journal Science Advances. This discovery is yet to be confirmed, but scientists hope that if he is able to drill into the ocean floor and collect samples, he can prove the theory of asteroid impact.

It is estimated that this event may have happened 66 million (66 million) years ago. This is about the same time, when another asteroid collided with the Earth and killed the dinosaurs.

Researchers using computer simulations found the crater caused by the asteroid. Simulations indicated that the crater was formed by the collision of a 400 m wide asteroid in 500 to 800 m deep water. It could generate a tsunami more than a kilometer high as well as an earthquake of magnitude 6.5 or more.

Research suggests that the energy produced by the collision of the asteroid will be about 1000 times greater than the volcanic eruption in the Sea of ​​Tonga in January this year. This is a preliminary simulation though. And the information will need to be filtered when the data is received.

The crater was discovered by geologist Dr. Usden Nicholson of Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh while he was investigating seismic reflection from the ocean floor of the Atlantic. They found a depression of 8.5 km below sea level.

He said that this crater points to the asteroid. It is estimated that this event must have happened around the same time that the dinosaurs perished when another asteroid collided with the Earth.


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