Are dinosaurs back on earth? Footprints found in America

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If someone says that the footprints of dinosaurs are still present on the earth, then it will be surprising. How can the footprints of the Earth’s largest creature, which was killed in an asteroid attack millions of years ago, exist. Are Dinosaurs Back on Earth? It’s not like this.

In fact, dinosaur footprints dating back to 113 million years ago have been uncovered after a river in Texas, America, reached a state of drought. Experts from Dinosaur Valley State Park here say that most of the footprints can be related to dinosaurs of the Acrocanthosaurus species, 15 feet long and weighing 7 tons.

In addition, some footprints may also belong to Sauroposeidon. This species of dinosaur was about 60 feet long and 44 in weight. According to the report of the Daily Mail, these marks have emerged due to the river reaching a dry state. In normal weather, they are submerged in water and are not visible.

Park also posted a video on social media showing the newly discovered footprints. They appear to be deeply recessed and are quite large in size. Park experts say that most of the tracks discovered in different parts of the river in the park are of ‘Acrocanthosaurus’. According to him, it was a dinosaur, which must have been about 15 feet long and weighing 7 tons.

These marks were not seen before today. Due to the shrinking of the Paluxy river flowing here, experts got the footprints of dinosaurs. Dinosaur Valley State Park has a variety of dinosaur tracks, mostly from ancient sauropods and theropods, but this is the first time the footprints of ‘Acrocanthosaurus’ have been seen.

It is believed that about 66 million years ago, dinosaurs were wiped out from the earth due to an asteroid hitting the earth.

Due to the drying up of the river Paluxi, many tracks are visible. The US state of Texas is in the grip of a severe drought, due to which the water level of its major rivers has gone down considerably.


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