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Criminal Justice Season 3 Review – Season 3 of Bollywood actor Pankaj Tripathi’s well-known webseries Criminal Justice has been released on Disney Plus Hotstar today. He put all his strength to solve it.

Criminal Justice S3 : Indian audience has been very interested in courtroom drama since its inception and a lot of love is given to all kinds of courtroom drama movies and webseries here. One of them is Criminal Justice, yes friends, Criminal Justice is India’s famous courtroom drama web series in which Pankaj Tripathi has played the lead role.

Both the previous seasons of Criminal Justice were well-liked by the people and now its third season has also been released today, which has started getting love from now on. Let us tell you that in the series, the name of the character of Pankaj Tripathi is Madhav Mishra, who is a clever lawyer by profession who keeps the skill of solving every complicated case in a pinch.

Apart from Pankaj Tripathi in the series, you will also get to see Shweta Prasad Basu who played the role of female lawyer Lekha, who is opposite Madhav Mishra.

Criminal Justice S3 Webseries Story

In the last two seasons, you must have seen Madhav Mishra solving different cases. So this time also Madhav Mishra has got a new case in his hand. Actually the story is set in Mumbai where child actress Zara Ahuja is murdered in a concussion condition.

Whose murder is blamed on Zara’s brother Mukul Ahuja because all the evidence found by the police on the spot points towards Mukul Ahuja. On the basis of these evidences, the police files the charge seat in the court of the whole case and the case starts taking concrete form.

After this, Mukul Ahuja’s mother Avantika Ahuja goes to the famous lawyer Madhav Mishra to get her son out of the case and pleads to save Mukul Ahuja and Madhav Mishra puts his hand, mouth and mind in this case.

After which Madhav Mishra tries to understand by going to the bottom of the case to save his client Mukul, but public prosecutor Lekha reverses every move of Madhav, after which the case starts getting more complicated. Distressed Madhav tries to find out the whole truth from his client but feels incomplete truth in his hands, meanwhile Madhav’s wife suggests a way to him, on the basis of which Madhav finds evidence that can turn the case around.

Now what is that proof? Is Mukul innocent? Even if Mukul is innocent, then whether Madhav is successful in saving him or not, you will have to find answers to all these questions in the series.

Criminal Justice Season 3 Review

Usually, the image of any lawyer inside the films is shown as a cunning, cunning and serious type of person, but in Criminal Justice, the image of Pankaj Tripathi’s character Madhav Mishra seems like the elder brother of the locality.

His way of speaking does not leave the audience without impressing the laughter that emanates from his mouth in the middle of the court. In this series, Madhav Mishra is seen doing different types of exploits for his client Mukul Ahuja, whose intentions are not known to Madhav at all. Madhav Mishra’s effort to solve a difficult case in a simple way is liked by the audience.

Pankaj Tripathi is a tremendous artist who has once again proved himself with his natural acting. The story of the series is fantastic, in which each character was successful in making his mark, whether it was Shweta Prasad Basu, a female lawyer or Aditya Gupta, all have given their 100 percent here.

Criminal Justice has a clever storyline that will keep you glued to the screen till the very last episode. The best thing about this series is its direction and screenplay which proves it to be India’s No. 1 courtroom drama. Apart from this, the dialogues are also amazing which will make you laugh.

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