Did asteroids bring water to Earth? New Study

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Did the water on earth come from outside? Do asteroids have any contribution in bringing water to the earth? This question has arisen from the recent study of scientists. After analyzing rare samples collected in a Japanese space mission of nearly six years, scientists have said that water may have been brought to Earth by asteroids from the outer edges of our solar system.

To shed light on the origin of life and the creation of the universe, researchers are examining the material brought to Earth from the asteroid Ryugu in the year 2020.

According to an agency report, the rock and dust weighing 5.4 grams (0.2 oz) were collected by a Japanese space probe, “Hayabusa-2”. This probe had landed on that celestial body and it fired an ‘impactor’ on the surface of the body.

Studies related to this material are being published. In June this year, a group of researchers said they had found organic material, which suggests that amino acids, some of the building blocks of life on Earth, may have formed in space.

In a new paper published in the journal Nature Astronomy, scientists have said that samples of the asteroid ‘Ryugu’ can shed light on how oceans formed on Earth billions of years ago. This study by scientists from Japan and other countries has said that volatile and organic-rich C-type asteroids may be one of the major sources of Earth’s water.

According to him, the existence of volatile matter (organics and water) on Earth is still a matter of debate. The special thing is that the organic matter found in the particles of the Ryugu asteroid identified in the study could possibly be an important source of volatile matter.

Hayabusa-2 was launched in the year 2014 towards the ‘Ryugu’ asteroid, about 300 million kilometers away. It had returned to Earth orbit only two years ago. In the study published in Nature Astronomy, researchers have praised the discoveries made possible by the mission.


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