Protein Diet: By eating these 5 foods, you will get rich protein

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Protein Rich Food: Protein is very important for the growth of our body and keeping it healthy. This is a micronutrient that helps in the function of our cells. That is, if we want that the activities of daily life continue properly, then you have to eat such foods in which there is no shortage of protein. Dr. Ayushi Yadav, a famous dietician working at GIMS Hospital, Greater Noida, told that which protein rich diet we should consume.

Protein Rich Foods

  1. Egg
    Eggs are considered an important source of protein, apart from this, vitamins and natural fats are found in it which are very important for the body. People often like to eat it in breakfast.
  2. Milk
    Milk is considered a complete food because it contains all kinds of nutrients, it is also a good source of protein. About 3.6 grams of protein is found in 100 grams of milk. That’s why one must drink a glass of milk daily.
  3. Meat
    Plenty of protein is found in both chicken or red meat, so there is no shortage of these nutrients for those who eat non-veg items. However, keep in mind that the meat should not be too fatty or else the risk of high cholesterol will arise.
  4. Soybean
    For those who are vegetarian, soybean fulfills the requirement of protein to a great extent. There is about 36.9 grams of protein in 100 grams of soybeans. So it should be eaten regularly.
  5. Pulses – Dal is an important part of our daily diet, it is eaten with both rice and roti. It fulfills our daily protein needs to a great extent.


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