Space Pollution: If space debris falls on the earth, can life be lost?

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Space Pollution: Just imagine that you are having your evening tea comfortably and then the debris of an old rocket comes and falls on your roof. There is heavy damage to the house. But is such an event possible? Can space waste harm people in the future?

Do you have any idea that every minute garbage keeps falling on the earth from space but it is so small that our eyes cannot see them. About 40 thousand tons of dust falls on Earth from space every year. It has also happened many times that buildings have collapsed due to the fall of garbage from space, but till now there has been no news of anyone’s death due to the fall of garbage from space on the earth. But can it be so,

According to scientists, the amount of human-made waste in space is increasing. This is happening because in the last few years many new rockets have been sent into space. In the last 30 years, the number of satellites in space has increased significantly.

These satellites are being useless and falling on the earth. A new study has been published in the journal Nature Astronomy, in which it is reported that the incidence of rockets, their parts and old satellites (garbage) from space will increase and in the future, incidents of garbage fall from space on Earth will become common, which will cause people to die. There can also be death.

The study also revealed that Jakarta, Dhaka, Lagos, New York, Beijing and Moscow have the highest risk of such incidents. In the coming ten years, 10 percent of people are expected to die from rockets falling from space. At present there is no such situation but in the next ten years such a situation may arise.


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